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Why STI Pharma

STI offers an expanding presence in the oral, topical, and injectable markets. Our management team has experience in product launch, sales, marketing, and distribution. The company has differentiated, strong C-level relationships with key Wholesale, Retail, and Institutional customers. Our partners benefit from our wholesale, hospital, retail and government experience and relationships. At STI we strive to maintain a reputation for quality, compliance, and customer service.


We are currently focused on:

Its all about the Experience

Expertise and Market Access

We are committed to providing our partners with exceptional service.

  • A team with previous experience launching over 50 products including oral, topical and injectables, with vast majority securing market leadership positions
  • Surgical strategies for each product developed by deep understanding of relationships between Wholesale, Retail, and Institutional (GPO’s, IDN’s) members
  • Experience establishing unique contracting relationships with key customers, including value incentive, portfolio, and launch programs.
  • C-level relationships across nation’s top Wholesale, Retail, and Institutional customers providing UNPRECEDENTED ACCESS
  • Unique contracting programs provide immediate VALUE CREATION
  • Creative alliances which have led to becoming PARTNER OF CHOICE

Know your market

Injectable Market

U.S. Generic Injectables Market Growth

Market Trends

  • The U.S. Generic Injectables market is expected to grow 7.5%, reaching $18bn by 2024
    • Oncology represents the largest therapeutics area, accounting for 36% of the U.S. Generic Injectables market in 2016
  • Injectable drugs are administered mainly in hospitals and clinics and sold to these organizations through contracts of GPOs
    • 86% of generic injectables are being sold through the hospital
  • Limited competition and market penetration / high growth opportunities
  • Select opportunities also exist due to increasing shortages due to manufacturing complexity and strict requirements for quality, sterility and logistics of injectable drugs compared to other solid or liquid dosage forms
  • We've got you covered

    Sales and Marketing

    STI Sales and Marketing is made up of a team of seasoned industry professionals. Our expertise broadly includes sales of Branded, Generic, and OTC products with expertise in new product launches, sales management systems and analytics, distribution, operations and contracting.

    Key Takeaways

    Partnership Summary


    STI Pharma leverages deep institutional market experience to optimize product performance



    Team with proven track record of success launching over 50 products including oral, topical and injectables



    Partner of choice with Wholesale, Retail, GPO’s, IDN’s, and Hospitals with top to top relationships



    Strategic sales force provides surgical launches with thorough understanding of value chain and GPO – Member relationships



    Unique contracting agreements drive market share



    Focused on growth through continued partner relationships


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